Friday, 11 March 2011

100 Years of GF Smith Paper.

Before starting task 2, I re-read the brief which said to create a poster that celebrates 100 years of GF Smith Paper. The poster must look professional, use the skills we learnt from the workshops with Richard Sweeny and include the type: 100 years of GF Smith Paper, Design Museum, 01-31 July 2011.'
I decided to look at different ways of encorporating the word 100 into the poster and did some research on it.  I came up with a few ideas like making the 100 out of shapes, using my sculpure from task 1 in the poster or creating the text out of paper like Rob Ryan and other artists who specialise in papercut.

As the brief said I would have to change my sculpture to use it for task 2 I decided not to use it, as that would mean altering it in some way and then putting it back together to hand in as task 1.. which would be time way too time consuming. I therefore thought of making extra shapes to use instead of taking them from my sculpture. I began to draw out ideas in my sketchbook and decided that i would make the new shapes out of coloured paper as the poster would look too bland if it was all white.

I made just enough shapes out of purple paper to use to construct the number 100. After much deliberation in my sketchbook and plenty of layouts i decided that i would use the above photo on my poster and add in the text later on in photoshop.

I cut and cropped the photo into photoshop and the erased as much of the shadow as possible so it looked like I had just places the shapes straight onto the poster. The magic wand tool helped alot!

I then added the text making sure they were on different layers incase I did something wrong and lost all my work. The poster at this point was looking too blank and I felt I needed to add more colour to it.

I started out by placing a black block over the right hand side of the poster but decided it was too harsh and used the colour tool to select a colour off one of the shapes. I moved it around to experiment with different shades of purple and eventually came to a decision.

Next came text. There were so many to choose from but I settled on a simple and professional font that I thought worked best, 'Plantagenet Cherokee'. After finishing it all and making sure my text was in grid form and everything lined up I saved it as a PDF file and sent it off to print!